Publications of the Month 2014

Publications of the Month showcases recent FASS academic books and journal articles. Click here for more recent top publications.


December 2014

Terence Lee Defect or Defend? Military Responses to Popular Protests in Authoritarian Asia, Johns Hopkins UP


November 2014

Lionel Wee The Language of Organizational Styling, Cambridge University Press



October 2014

Elaine Ho, Mark Boyle, & Brenda Yeoh 'Recasting diaspora strategies through feminist care ethics'Geoforum


September 2014


You-Jin Chung & Jayashree Moharty 'Between two worlds in Asia: Korean youth in Singapore' Journal of Population Research 


August 2014

Rajesh Rai Indians in Singapore, 1819-1945: Diaspora in the Colonial Port-city Asia, OUP India


July 2014

Annett Schirmer et al 'Reach out to one and you reach out to many: Social touch affects third-party observers'' British Journal of Psychology


June 2014

Richard Ebstein & Chew Soo Hong 'Dissociable contribution of prefrontal and striatal dopaminergic genes to learning in economic games' PNAS


May 2014

Maria Kozhevnokov 'Cognitive Style as Environmentally Sensitive Individual Differences in Cognition: A Modern Synthesis and Applications in Education, Business, and Management' Psychological Science in the Public Interest


April 2014

Alberto Salvo 'Reduction in local ozone levels in urban São Paulo due to a shift from ethanol to gasoline use' Nature Geoscience


March 2014

Jayashree Mohanty 'Attitudes Toward Adoption in Singapore' Journal of Family Issues



February 2014

Konstadina Griva 'Quality of life and emotional distress between patients on peritoneal dialysis versus community-based hemodialysis' Quality of Life Research




January 2014

Peter Borschberg The Memoirs and Memorials of Jacques de Coutre: Security, Trade and Society in 16th- and 17th-century Southeast Asia, NUS Press



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