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Assoc Prof Rajesh RAI, Head of Department

B.A. (NUS), M.A. Dist., Ph.D. (Birmingham)
South Asian Diaspora; Transnational identities, nationalism and the postcolonial history and politics of South Asia

Email: Rajesh Rai
Telephone: 6516 4528 / 6516 3607
Location: AS8 #06-40


Assoc Prof Sidharthan MAUNAGURU, Deputy Head (Joint appointment with Department of Sociology)

B.A. (Hons) (Univ of Peradeniya), M.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)
Kinship; Marriage; Violence; Religion; Visual culture; Diaspora

Email: Sidharthan Maunaguru
Telephone: 6516 7776
Location: AS8 #06-42
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Assoc Prof Gyanesh KUDAISYA

B.A. (Hons.)(Delhi), M.A., M.Phil. (JNU), Ph.D. (Cambridge)
Late colonial and postcolonial South Asian history; Regions and regionalism in India; Partition and its aftermath

Email: Gyanesh Kudaisya
Telephone: 6516 4701
Location: AS8 #06-36
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Dr Annu JALAIS, Assistant Professor

B.A. (INALCO/Nanterre Paris-X), M.A. (INALCO/LSE), M.Phil. (LSE), Ph.D. (LSE)
Anthropology of South Asia (particularly Bangladesh and India); Environmental history of Sundarbans; Partition and the Bengali Muslim Diaspora

Email: Annu Jalais
Telephone: 6601 2842
Location: AS8 #06-44
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Dr Jayati BHATTACHARYA, Senior Lecturer

B.A. (Hons.)(North Bengal), M.A. (North Bengal), Ph.D. (JNU)
Business history; Diaspora studies; India-Singapore relations; Connected histories in the Indian Ocean region

Email: Jayati Bhattacharya
Telephone: 6516 8474
Location: AS8 #06-38
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Dr Darinee ALAGIRISAMY, Lecturer

B.A. (Hons.) (NUS), M.Phil., Ph.D. (Cambridge)
Tamil studies; Addiction studies; Food studies; Social reform; Colonialism and nationalism

Email: Darinee Alagirisamy
Telephone: 6516 4093
Location: AS8 #06-39


Dr Ronojoy SEN, Senior Research Fellow

B.A. (Calcutta), M.A. Dist. (South Carolina), Ph.D. (Chicago)
Indian politics; History and culture; Law and society; Religion and politics; Democratic institutions 

Email: Ronojoy Sen
Telephone: 6516 7026
Location: AS8 #06-19


Dr Karthik NACHIAPPAN, Research Fellow

B.A. (Hons.) (Toronto), Ph.D. (King’s)
Indian foreign policy; India’s technology policy; India’s political economy of development; International political economy 

Email: Karthik Nachiappan
Telephone: 6516 1923
Location: AS8 #06-19


Dr Emma Jane FLATT, Visiting Associate Professor

Ph.D. (SOAS)
Mentalities and practices of medieval; Early modern South Asia 

Email: Emma Jane Flatt


Dr Rajshree JETLY, Visiting Fellow

B.A. & M.A. (Delhi University), M.Phil. (JNU), Ph.D. (ANU)
South Asian politics; Regional cooperation; Domestic politics of Pakistan; China-Pakistan relations 

Email: Rajshree Jetly
Telephone: 6516 8582
Location: AS8 #06-14



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Dr Yoshiaki TAKEMURA