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Chinese Studies

CHAN, Cheow Thia (Member)
Keywords: Modern Chinese Literature, Singapore and Malaysian Chinese Literature, Southeast Asian Chinese Studies, Diaspora Studies
Dean, Kenneth (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Chinese temples, The Henghua temple networks in Southeast Asia, Nanyang Chinese in modern Chinese history, History of Religion in China: Daoist Studies, Comparative study of Chinese regional history
HO, Chee Lick (Member)
Keywords: Translations of Singapore Chinese poetry
HUE, Guan Thye (Member)
Keywords: Chinese Folk Religion, Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia, Chinese Education in Singapore and Malaysia
HWANG, Yin (Member)
Keywords: Chinese visual art & contemporary Asian art
KOH, Khee Heong (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Chinese religious practices, Ming-Qing Intellectual History, Chinese Kinship Organizations, State-Society Relation in Late Imperial China, Neo-Confucianism
KWEE, Hui Kian (Member)
Keywords: Southeast Asian History (especially Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), Monsoon Asia (South China Sea, Indian Ocean), Colonialism and Imperialism (especially Dutch and British), Capitalism, Chinese Ethnicity, Migration, Religion, Transnationalism and Entrepreneurial Networks
LAM, Lap (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Chinese Poetry, popular literature in imperial China
LEE, Chee Hiang (Member)
Keywords: History and Culture of Overseas Teochew Communities, Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore, Studies on Monuments in Singapore, Charity Enterprises and Cultural Dissemination: A Study of Chaozhou Charity Halls in Singapore, Chinese Personalities in Singapore and Malaysia
LEE, Cher Leng (Member)
Keywords: Chinese Pragmatics, Code-switching, Singapore Mandarin, Chinese Language Education in Singapore
LEE, Cheuk Yin (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Chinese Literature, Chinese intellectual history, Taoism and East Asian Confucianism, History and culture of the Ming Dynasty
LEE, Hui Huan (Member)
Keywords: Characteristics of Interpreting Political Speeches in Singapore, Best practice in Interpreting between English and Mandarin/Hokkien/Cantonese
LO, Yuet Keung (Member)
Keywords: Chinese literature in Singapore, Confucianism, Early Taoism, Buddhist narrative, Buddhist culture and its assimilation and acculturation in China, Lives of Chinese women in traditional China, Childhood and norms of socialization in China
ONG, Chang Woei (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Chinese religious practices, Intellectual History of Later and Late Imperial China, Military History of Later Imperial China, Singapore History, Transnational Networks of the Hokkien Communities
PHUA, Chiew Pheng (Member)
Keywords: Archaic Chinese Grammar, Singapore Mandarin, Chinese Historical Linguistics
SU, Jui-Lung (Member)
Keywords: Taoist ceremony of spirit marriage in contemporary Singapore, Zhiguai (Recording the Strange) and Chuanqi (Transmitting the Unusual) Fiction, Popular Religions and Daoism
WONG, Sin Kiong (Member)
Keywords: The Chinese in British Malaya and Singapore, Hakka Leaders and Communities in Southeast Asia, Comparative studies of Chinese Communities in Southeast Asia
XU, Lanjun (Member)
Keywords: Xinyao songs, Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Film, Cultural History of Youth and Children in Twentieth-century China
YUNG, Sai-Shing (Member)
Keywords: Anthropology of Chinese Theater, History of Chinese Opera in Singapore/Malaysia (1880-1965), Cultural History of Cantonese Opera/Music (1900-1950), Print Culture and Chinese Literature

Communications and New Media

CHO, Hichang (Member)
Keywords: Computer-Mediated Communication, Computer-Supported, Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Online Privacy and Internet Security, Social Networks, Electronic Commerce
Nekmat, Elmie (Member)
Keywords: Social psychology processes and effects in computer-mediated communication, Digital source and information evaluation, Digital civic engagement and expression, Public opinion formation and perception, Public relations and strategic communication, Social media
TAY, Jinna (Member)
Keywords: Asian media studies, Fashion and lifestyle journalism, Cultural and national identities, Television studies, Experiential learning & pedagogy
HONG, Renyi (Member)
Keywords: Labour, Affect theory, Critical theory, Critical software studies
WU, Shangyuan (Member)
Keywords: Journalism in the digital age, Global journalism studies, Political economy of communication, Comparative media analysis, Development studies
YUE, Audrey (Member)
Keywords: Sinophone Media Cultures, Cultural Policy and Development, Queer Asian Studies, Communicative Cities, Urban Development, Urban Communities
ZHANG, Weiyu (Member)
Keywords: Online deliberation and civic tech, New media and civic engagement in Asia, Chinese Internet and politics, Multitasking with new media


Abeysinghe, Tilak (Member)
Keywords: Econometric Models for Singapore
CHIA, Ngee Choon (Member)
Keywords: Economics of Aging, Health Economics
CHUA, Yeow Hwee (Member)
Keywords: Financial Globalization, Asset Pricing, Singapore Economy
CHUNG, Wee-Wee, Connie (Member)
Keywords: The Chinese Economy, Development Economics, The Singapore Economy, Money and Banking
KAPUR , Basant K. (Member)
Keywords: Dynamic Models of Trade and R&D, Structural Change and Endogenous Growth, Housing Price Dynamics, The Singapore Economy; Growth and Well-Being
SEAH, Kelvin (Member)
Keywords: Applied Microeconomics, Population Economics, and Labour Economics
LEE, Soo Ann (Member)
Keywords: Spirituality and Economic Activity, Normative Economics, Public Choice, The Singapore Economy
LIU, Haoming (Member)
Keywords: Labor and Demographic Economics; Health, Education, and Welfare; Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
TSUI, Ka Cheng Albert (Member)
Keywords: Demography, Economics of Aging, Time Series Models

English Language and Literature

BAO, Zhiming (Member)
Keywords: Contact Linguistics and Theoretical Phonology
CHNG, Huang Hoon (Member)
Keywords: Asian Feminism, Gender Identities
GOH, Robbie B.H. (Member)
Keywords: Christianity in Asia, Gothic Studies, Commodity Culture and Theory
HIRAMOTO, Mie (Member)
Keywords: Contact linguistics: Second dialect acquisition, Koineization, Pidgins and creoles, Hawai‘i Creole, Singapore English Language, gender, and sexuality: Critical discourse analysis, Women's language, Masculinity studies Linguistic Anthropology: Linguistic construction of identity, Media intertexuality, Textual discourse Austronesian languages: Indonesian, Polynesian languages, Phonology/morphology interface, Comparative methods
Lazar, Michelle Maria (Member)
Keywords: Media and Political Discourse, Gender
LEE, Nala, Huiying (Member)
Keywords: Creolistics, language documentation, language endangerment, sociophonetics, typology. Baba Malay, Colloquial Singapore English, and other contact languages.
LEE, Leslie (Member)
Keywords: Pattern/construction-theoretic approaches to linguistics, Interfaces between (*word-based*) morphology, (*non-derivational*) syntax, and (lexical) semantics, Dialectal variation, Quantitative approaches to the study of language, Experimental and corpus-based studies of phenomena in colloquial Singapore English (Singlish)
LIM, Edna (Member)
Keywords: Contemporary Hollywood and Asian cinema, issues in adaptation and popular culture, and Singapore film and television.
LIM, Eng Hui Alvin (Member)
Keywords: Intercultural theatre, digital archiving, religion, spirituality and technology, and travelling cultures
Loon, Robin (Member)
Keywords: Singapore English Language Theatre Dramaturgy as discursive and creative practice Creative and practice-based pedagogy Performance and performativity in media and popular culture Postmodern aesthetics in theatre Modernising traditional theatre and performance Sexuality in theatre and performance The practice of translation in Theatre Documenting and memorializing through Theatre
OOI, Vincent B. Y. (Member)
Keywords: Corpus linguistics, Computer-mediated communication, 'New' Varieties of English, including Singaporean and Malaysian English, Lexical semantics, lexicology & lexicography, General and applied linguistics
PAKIR, Anne (Member)
Keywords: Language Policy and Planning, World Englishes, English in Southeast Asia
PATKE, Rajeev (Member)
Keywords: English Writing from Southeast Asia, Modernism and Postcolonial Writing
PHILLIPS, John W.P. (Member)
Keywords: Postcolonialism, Deconstruction, Cities, Visual Culture, Modernist Poetics, Military Technology
SANKARAN, Chitra (Member)
Keywords: Ecological Criticism (Ecofeminism; Deep Ecology; Posthumanism), South Asian Fiction In English, South East Asian Women's Fiction, Gender Studies, Feminist Pedagogy, Feminist Ethics & Aesthetics, Comparative Literature (English & Tamil)
STARR, Rebecca Lurie (Member)
Keywords: Sociolinguistic variation, bilingual acquisition, media and style
TALIB, Ismail S. (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Literature in English, Literary Stylistics, Narrative Structures
TAN, Peter K W (Member)
Keywords: Linguistic hybridity in relation to language use in Singapore and Malaysia, Singaporean and Malaysian English as various norms have acted upon them, Singaporean and Malaysian prose writing in English, Computer-mediated communication (Netspeak, E-language) as a relatively new medium, Singapore English, discourse studies and stylistics.
WEE, Lionel (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Language Policy and Planning in Southeast Asia, Singapore English


BUNNELL, Timothy (Member)
Keywords: Urban Landscape and national identity, Malay networks identities, Urban aspirations and travels
CHANG, Tou Chuang (Member)
Keywords: Tourism Arts and Street Art in Singapore, Heritage Conservation in Singapore, Arts Policies in Singapore
FENG, Chen-Chieh (Member)
Keywords: Spatial data modelling and spatial information theory, Cyberinfrastructure, GIS and Education
FRIESS, Daniel (Member)
Keywords: Sedimentation in mangroves, Human-nature interactions in mangroves, Coastal hazard vulnerability assessment and remote sensing
GRUNDY-WARR, Carl (Member)
Keywords: Geopolitics, Border Spaces, Thailand and Political Ecology
HO, Elaine Lynn-Ee (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Singaporeans' Transnational Migration
HUANG, Shirlena (Member)
Keywords: Transnational Labour Migration, Gender and Migration, Religion, Internet and Migration
LIN, Weiqiang (Member)
Keywords: Chinese migration to Singapore, Production of airspace and aviation infrastructures, Global logistics, circulations and supply chains, International transport and climate change
POW, Choon Piew (Member)
Keywords: Urban Geography, Urban Entrepreneurialism, Territoriality
RAMDAS, Kamalini (Member)
Keywords: Privilege, feminist care ethics and conflictual dialogue in the classroom, Community politics, rights, gender and sexuality in Singapore, Ethics, responsibility and governmentalisation in the casinos in Singapore
ROTH, Matthias (Member)
Keywords: Urban heat islands, Urban climatology, Energy balance and CO2 exchange in urban environments, Cities and climate change
SKELTON, Tracey (Member)
Keywords: Comparative Studies of Young People in Singapore and Auckland, Globalisation, Citizenship, Nationhood
WANG, Yi-Chen (Member)
Keywords: Biogeography; landscape ecology, Spatial epidemiology, GIS and remote sensing applications
YEOH, Brenda Saw Ai (Member)
Keywords: Transnationalism and Global Cities, Gender and Migration, Multiculturalism and Migration, Health Geographies
YEUNG, Wai Chung Henry (Member)
Keywords: Economic Geography, Development, ASEAN


BARNARD, Timothy P. (Member)
Keywords: Southeast Asia, Malay World, Cultural History, Environmental History
BORSCHBERG, Peter (Member)
Keywords: The origins of modern international law and the law of nations, Maritime history, Early modern diplomacy, Historical cartography
BRUNERO, Donna (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Studies, Business History, Maritime History, Imperial History
CHIA, Jack Meng-Tat (Member)
Keywords: Southeast Asia-China Interactions; Buddhism; Chinese Popular Religion; Chinese Diaspora; South China Sea (maritime networks, migration and religion)
FARRELL, Brian P. (Member)
Keywords: British and British Empire Military History
HUANG, Jianli (Member)
Keywords: Party Policies on Student Politics in China, 1920s-1940s, Local Self-Government in Wartime Chongqing, 1937-1945, Postwar Singapore Chinese Community, Sino-Southeast Asia Interactions, Chinese Overseas Diaspora Studies
Long, SR Joey (Member)
Keywords: Cold and hot wars in post-WWII Southeast Asia History of American foreign relations with Asia History of Singapore Asia-Pacific security
KWA, Chong Guan (Member)
Keywords: Singapore history/historiography
LAU, Albert K.H. (Member)
Keywords: Political and Constitutional History, National History, International History of Southeast Asia
LOW, Sharon (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Studies, European History
SENG, Guo-Quan (Member)
Keywords: Chinese migration, Transregional Asia (China, Indonesia, Singapore), Imperial formations and decolonization in Asia, History of capitalism
SOLOMON, John (Member)
Keywords: Singapore, Modern South Asia, British Imperialism, World History
TAN, Tai Yong (Member)
Keywords: British De-colonisation, Southeast Asia, Civil-military Relations

Japanese Studies

THANG, Leng Leng (Member)
Keywords: East Asian Society and Culture, Intergenerational Programming, Intergenerational Relationships, Aging, Gender

Malay Studies

ALJUNIED, Khairudin (Member)
Keywords: Malay culture, identity, and arts in Singapore
AZHAR, Ibrahim (Member)
Keywords: Malay Literature in Singapore, Religion and society, deviance and social control, sensory studies
Bte Abdul Rahman, Noor Aisha (Member)
Keywords: Malay legal history and institutions, Muslim law and its administration in Singapore and Malaysia, Sociology of religion (Islam and Malay religious orientations)
ABDULLAH, Noorman (Member)
Keywords: Religion and society, deviance and social control, sensory studies
SURATMAN, Suriani (Member)
Keywords: Malay culture and society in Singapore

Political Science

CHONG, Ja Ian (Member)
Keywords: Security, External Intervention, Sovereignty, Nationalism, International and Domestic Political Institutions, Politics of Hegemony and Domination, Major Power Rivalry, International Relations and Politics of the Asia-Pacific, Chinese Foreign Policy, U.S.-China Relations, Chinese Politics, Political Liberalisation and Foreign and Security Policy, Alliance Politics
HAQUE, M. Shamsul (Member)
Keywords: Sustainable Development, New Political Economy, Environmental Politics and Security, Electronic Governance, Privatization and New Public Management, Non-government Organization, Ethnicity and the State, Gender and Governance, Administrative Ethics and Accountability, Bureaucratic Politics and State Policy, Critical Theory and Development, Globalization and National Sovereignty, Development Theory and Praxis
LEE, Terence (Member)
Keywords: Civil-military Relations, Military Organizations, International Security, International Relations Theory, Comparative Politics, Southeast Asian Politics
ONG, Elvin (Member)
Keywords: Authoritarian regimes, Opposition parties and alliances, Unfree and unfair elections, Political economy of development, Southeast Asia (particularly Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia)
WONG, Reuben (Member)
Keywords: European foreign policy, Regionalism and integration theory, Human rights, Security, Asia-Europe relations
SINGH, Bilveer (Member)
Keywords: International Relations and Comparative Politics


ALJUNIED, Mariam (Member)
CHEN, Qing Lian Patricia (Member)
Keywords: Motivation, Self-Regulation, Mindsets, Social Psychological Interventions
HONG, Yee Shiun, Ryan (Member)
Keywords: Social, Personality, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Personality and psychopathology, Dispositional-trait and social-cognitive perspectives of personality, Personality vulnerabilities to mood anxiety and substance use disorders
GWEE, Kenji ()
Keywords: Psychological assessments, Psycholegal research, Memory for crimes
LEE, Li Neng (Member)
Keywords: Optimising Learning and Teaching, Positive Psychology in Educational Settings, Religion
LIM, Wee Hun Stephen (Member)
Keywords: Cognition: Cognitive psychology applied to education, Music cognition and education
SINGH, Leher (Member)
Keywords: Role of variability on early spoken word recognition and word learning in infants, infant predictors of childhood language abilities, relationship between multilingualism on cognitive and language development
TANG, So-Kum Catherine (Member)
Keywords: Addictive behavior, violence against women (rape, sexual harassment, and child sexual abuse), family violence (child abuse, wife abuse, and elder abuse), women’s health, clinical aspects of social issues, health psychology, behavioral addiction and trauma psychology
TEOH, Jennifer (Member)
Keywords: Offender assessment and rehabilitation issues, Forensic applications in child abuse issues

Research Division, FASS Dean's Office

Amtzis, Rachel (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Development, Development Communication, Bottom-up/Participatory Development and Communication, Social Media, Social Network Sites, NGOs, Philanthropy, Cinema, Cities, Urban/Rural divide, Digital divide, Globalization/Localization, Fundraising, Nepal, South Asia, Social Impact Games, Postcolonialism, Global South

Social Work

CHEUNG, Paul (Member)
Keywords: Measurement of development goals - MDGs, SDGs, and Well-being indicators, Changing manifestations of Singapore society - demography, social stratification, community behaviours, Well-being, resilience, and vulnerabilities of populations and societies, Development of global information system: official statistics, geospatial information, big data, Location and social analytics
CHOO, Hyekyung (Member)
Keywords: Systemic influences on adolescents' health risk behaviors. Children and adolescents' video-gaming addiction and cyberwellness. Adolescent children of immigrants and their mental health and health risk behaviors, Social service program evaluation
GOH, Esther C L (Member)
Keywords: Bilateral parent-child dynamics, Children as agentic beings in cultural contexts, Cross-cultural childrearing: China, Singapore Intergenerational dynamics within families, Impact of problem gambling on family and intergenerational dynamics, Social Work practice-based evidence research, Religion as social support for immigrants in Singapore
LEE, Earn Yung Alexander (Member)
Keywords: Aging, Social Support
LEE, Geok Ling (Member)
Keywords: Palliative Care and End-of-Life Related Issues, Infertility Related Issues, Loss and Grief, Qualitative Research Methods
NG, Yue Hoong Irene (Member)
Keywords: Poverty and Inequality, Youth Crime, Youth Employment, Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Social Welfare Policy
NGIAM, Tee Liang (Member)
Keywords: Programme Planning
OW, Rosaleen (Member)
Keywords: Cross-culture studies especially of models and concepts in local social work practice e.g. interpersonal communications, parenting and child development
CHOKKANATHAN, Srinivasan (Member)
Keywords: Well being of older adults, Family violence, Scale construction, Program evaluation, Adoption of children
VASOO, S (Member)
Keywords: Community Development, Aging, Social and Volunteer Participation and Social Policies, Social Impact of Retrenchment, Corporate Philanthropy
WONG, Yuh Ju, Peace (Member)
Keywords: Children & Youth Issues, Youth-at-risk & Juvenile Delinquents, School Social Work, Supervision & Support for Social Workers


CHAN, Angelique (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Life Course and Aging
CHUA, Beng Huat (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Housing and Urban Planning, Social and Political Theory, Consumerism in Asia
CHUA, Hui Ching Emily (Member)
Keywords: Anthropology of news and journalism, Digital media and communications, Media technologies and cultures, Political culture in authoritarian states, Socialism, late-socialism, post-socialism and capitalism, Anthropology of money and markets, Technology and entrepreneurship (aka "Technopreneurship"), Startup culture
CHUA, Vincent (Member)
Keywords: Personal Communities; Social Capital and Inequality; Education
FENG, Qiushi (Member)
Keywords: Singapore's Population and Household Projection
Ganapathy, Narayanan (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Deviance, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Policing and Social Control
GOH, Pei Siong Daniel (Member)
Keywords: Colonialism/Postcolonialism, Transnationalism, Multiculturalism and Race in Singapore and Malaysia, Social History of Art in Singapore
HO, Kong Chong (Member)
Keywords: Globalization and Inter-City Competition, Civic Spaces and Urban Politics, Economic Restructuring and Development Policies, Internet and Society
KURZ, Joshua James (Member)
Keywords: Photography and Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, Globalization, Migration, Policing and Social Control, Managing Mobility, Governing Inclusion: Borderscapes in Singapore and Hong Kong
KWEK, Ivan (Member)
Keywords: Media-Related Practices; Ethnicity and the Everyday, Politics of Difference (especially in the Malay worlds), Anthropology of “the Future”
LEONG, Wai Teng Laurence (Member)
Keywords: News Media, Human Rights, Sexual Policies
LOW, Kelvin E.Y. (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of the Senses; Social Memory and Historiography; Everyday Life; Migration and Transnationalism
MU, Zheng (Member)
Keywords: Marriage and Family, Fertility, Ethnicity, Migration; Contemporary China; Comparative Studies; Quantitative Methods, Mixed Methods.
RADICS, George (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Law; Law and Society; Sociology of Emotions; Postcolonial Studies; Southeast Asian Studies
SINHA, Vineeta (Member)
Keywords: Political Economy of Health, Comparative Sociology and Anthropology of Religion, Hindu Religiosity in the Indian Diaspora
TAN, Ern Ser (Member)
Keywords: Political Values, Governance and Democracy, Class and Stratification, Citizenship and National Identity, Ethnic Relations, Industrial Relations, Elderly
TAN, Harry (Member)
Keywords: Homelessness; Marginal populations, Social Inequality, Ethnography, Addictions
THOMPSON, Eric C. (Member)
Keywords: Gender Studies; Agrarian Transitions; Urbanism; Transnationalism

South Asian Studies

BHATTACHARYA, Jayati (Member)
Keywords: Singapore-India relations in the perspectives of diasporic strategies, continuity of cultural interactions, changing politico-economic relations and influence of the Diaspora in facilitating the bi-lateral relations
RAI, Rajesh (Member)
Keywords: South Asian Diasporic culture in Singapore, Hindi in Singapore, Transnational identities, nationalism and the postcolonial history and politics of South Asia

Southeast Asian Studies

Keywords: ASEAN economic regionalism, Economic development of Southeast Asia, Internationalisation of higher education, Political economy of Southeast Asia, The scholarship of teaching and learning
SASGES, Gerard (Member)
Keywords: Vietnam Imperialism and Colonialism, Cold War, Science and Technology, Environmental History
HAMZAH, bin Muzaini (Member)
Keywords: How heritage associated with the Second World War is currently (and historically) commemorated in Singapore and Malaysia, conceptualised around postcolonial theory, materiality, cyber-memorialisation, transnational deaths, the immanent past, and practices of power and resistance in everyday spaces
MIKSIC, John (Member)
Keywords: Archaeological Research in Singapore, Southeast Asian Archaeology, Art History, Anthropology
Abdul Hamid, Mohamed Effendy (Member)
Keywords: Asian history, World History, Pre-colonial and Colonial Southeast Asian history of both Mainland and Maritime Southeast Asia