Internships for FASS Students

Internships provide a bridge between the classroom and the workplace and are becoming an important aspect of career preparation. It’s one thing to possess various hard and soft skills, but it’s another to have a track record to exhibit those skills. Internships provide job applicants with a documented work experience and the opportunity to network with potential co-workers and future employers in a setting in which their performance and work attitude may be directly observed. Consequently, internships are often a vehicle for companies to scout for talent; and conversely, for interns to find out more about prospective employers.

Not all temporary work counts as internships. To qualify as an internship, a temporary position should (1) emphasize on-the-job training, (2) include intentional learning goals for the interns, and (3) be closely supervised. Internships may be paid or unpaid. You can see the NUS guidelines relating to internships here.

Because we care about our students’ future career success, FASS has made space for an internship component in our curriculum. But opportunities for internships are also offered by the University (University Managed Internship Programme) and individual Departments within FASS (Department Managed Academic Internship Programmes).

Students are advised to watch the CFG internship preparation video found here. Before embarking on an internship, ALL STUDENTS are required to watch Video 3.

Faculty Managed Internship Programme

FASS Internship Programme (FASSIP). This programme is for internships that are not closely tied to the disciplinary training offered by individual departments.

Department Managed Academic Internship Programmes

These programmes are for internships that are closely related to the disciplinary training offered by individual departments. In some cases, they are compulsory for majors of the discipline; in others, they are elective. The modules under these programmes are:

XX3550 Department Internship (4 MC) (the “XX” stands for the major code). These modules are used by many departments to recognise internships that are relevant to their disciplines. That is, the internships are either part of the major training offered by the department, or the positions in question require applicants to have a specific disciplinary background. These modules are normally available only for majors CH3550, CL3550, GE3550A, GE3550B, JS3550, MS3550, GL3550, PS3550, SN3550, SE3550, and SW3550. A few departments also recognise extended internships for which students may earn an additional 4 MC. Students should inquire at the department offices for more information. Employers may also approach departments directly to offer such internships.

NM3550Y Compulsory Internship Programme (12 MC). For cohorts 2016 and onwards, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' (FASS) students pursuing Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences, NM major and NM as Second Major will need to complete the Compulsory Internship Programme (NM3550Y). The objective of the CIP is to ensure that all students gain industrial experience through a well-structured internship programme and will be able to apply academic theories to practice.

TS3245 Professional Theatre Internship (4 MC). Theatre Studies students have the opportunity to intern with a theatre company or arts organisation. They learn to integrate theoretical knowledge with theatre practice while honing their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

PH4550 Philosophy in Teaching (5 MC). With this module, students intern in an educational organisation approved by the Philosophy Department. During the internship, they learn to use their philosophical skills to teach, and through practice, reflect on the usefulness of Philosophy in education practice and intellectual development. Note that this is a honours level module and is available only to Philosophy Honours students.

SW3103A and SW3104 Field Practice. (8 + 8 MC). These modules relate to the fieldwork that is integral to social work education. The programme seeks to provide students with the opportunity to integrate theories with practice, through the guidance of a qualified field supervisor. The modules are compulsory for student majoring in Social Work.

University Managed Internship Programme

Vacation Internship Programme: The Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) facilitates the Vacation Internship Programme which takes place during the May to July or December to January vacation periods.  No MC is awarded for internships performed under this programme. For more information visit the CFG managed internship webpages for employers and for students.


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