FASS Student Advancement Bursary Fund

The FASS Student Advancement Bursary Fund supports students through provision of bursaries and financial aid. With your participation and support, we will have the ability and the opportunity to nurture and contribute to the success of students in FASS. We find it very heartening to share the story and aspirations of our FASS bursary recipients with you. Indeed, many of us can learn from the resilience, respect and conviction they have towards life. For adversity is but one part of the journey towards a brighter tomorrow – and we can all take part in shaping the destiny we want.

Athel Hu, Sociology Major, FASS bursary recipient in AY2007, says:

“Receiving help also motivated me to study harder so as to not waste money donated by my predecessors and I was able to do relatively well even though I had to juggle between studying and taking care of my mum. Now that I have graduated, I am contributing back to the gift funds on a regular basis. It is also my dream to be able to set up a fund in the name of my parents in future to be able to help the needy students. To be able to give back to society in this way or another will be my constant motivation to strive in life.”

Gurshan Singh, Political Science Major, bursary award recipient in AY2009, says:

“I lost my father to a sudden heart attack in 2010 and as the eldest of four children has a lot depending on my success. My mother, who is not in good health works as a kitchen helper. This bursary is my safety net. It gives me peace of mind that I will not be caught out by a sudden expenditure.”

Fathimatu Zuhara Bte Md Ali, Sociology Major, Bursary Award Recipient in AY2010, says:

"Growing up in a big family, life has not been easy as finances are tight with my father being the sole provider for the family. As the eldest child, I feel that it is key for me to set a good example to my siblings by striving for a higher education and I was afraid that a lack of finances would stand in the way of me achieving that dream. However, due to the generosity of the donors who contribute to the FASS Advancement Bursary Fund, I have been able to pursue my dreams and inspire my siblings to never give up, because there will always be others to lend a helping hand, as long as we continue to persevere with determination to achieve our dreams. I am currently in my third year of studies at NUS and have fully enjoyed my time in FASS as it has presented me with the chance to pursue a degree in a course that interests me, while also being given the chance to get to know a variety of friends from other courses, due to the various courses offered in FASS. In future, I will always remember my university days as a wonderful memory as it is during my time here that I finally realize that we as individuals can make a difference in society, similar to how the donors have made a difference in my life, and I hope that I can be the difference in the life of another undergraduate in future, by continuing the tradition of giving."

Every gift is important and will immediately and directly benefit current and future students.

Join us in lending a helping hand to members of our FASS family.

Let your class gift bring forth the joy of helping others in AY2011 and beyond.

Make a gift today!


For all other gifts to the Faculty, please go here.


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