Student Advancement Scholarship Fund

Scholarships act as an incentive for students to strive for and achieve excellence in their studies. The FASS Student Advancement Schloarship Fund offers bright and needy students the opportunity to develop their full potential and optimise their learning at the Faculty. With your participation and support, we will have the ability and the opportunity to nurture and contribute to the success of students in FASS. We find it very heartening to share the story and aspirations of our FASS scholarship recipients with you. Indeed, many of us can learn from the resilience, respect and conviction they have towards life. For adversity is but one part of the journey towards a brighter tomorrow – and we can all take part in shaping the destiny we want.

Wilson Lam Wee Shen, Political Science Major, FASS Scholarship Recipient in AY2011, says:

"FASS is the single most fulfilling and challenging learning journey I have ever embarked upon. My father is the sole breadwinner in my family and it would have been a real struggle to pursue my academic interests if not for the Scholarship. I am especially glad to be able stay on, to do my fourth year in University, working towards completing my honours thesis. I also had internships engagements with several civil service agencies, including the Foreign Service, MINDEF and MOE during term breaks. All of these were made possible by the FASS Scholarship. I hope to pursue a career in the civil service upon graduation. I am grateful to the donors for their generosity – they have given me the gift of an education."

Teo Janvin , Chinese Major, FASS Scholarship Recipient in AY2011, says:

“The FASS Scholarship made it possible for me to pursue many of my academic interests and broaden my horizons. As my parents do not earn very much, I initially took on as many part-time jobs as possible. With the Scholarship, I was able to deepen my knowledge of Chinese culture and society through a summer school programme in Hong Kong, and I have been honing my Japanese and French language skills in my free time. The Scholarship has not just helped me financially, it has given me the resources to grow intellectually, and I am very grateful to the donors for their generosity. I am determined to excel in my studies and to contribute back to society.”

Every gift is important and will immediately and directly benefit current and future students.

Join us in lending a helping hand to members of our FASS family.

Let your class gift bring forth the joy of helping others in AY2011 and beyond.

Make a gift today! 

For all other gifts to the Faculty, please go here.

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